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Peter Eleey on Doug Aitken’s House; “’Do we stand in the calm center of this hurricane of modern life,’ the artist asks, ‘or do we step into its turbulence? And do we have a choice?’ In similar situations (earthquakes), I have dove headlong into densely cluttered closets, begging for safety. In similar situations, you, others like you and me, would do the same. And yet, this couple sits, staring longingly into each other’s eyes. They don’t merely step into the turbulence; they wallow in it.


begin to write an essay on michigan, its people and the migration effects.

from this begin formulating loose questions and talking points.

then begin interviewing to cut down and produce a script, to edit to…

Keep it real. Keep it human. Keep it connected.

-Get to know the story (goes without saying really)
- Scout the location(s) to help tell the story and create mood
- Prepare some questions/talking points to lift the main story/objective/concept out of the details
- Hand this to the character to help him prepare the talking points - in this case keep the preparations loose cause you’d rather have the character talk about it than recite a script
- Then film and go through the “script” i.e. Each talking point

    • Sometimes we define “documentary” using the word “objectivity.” But while documentaries can be supported by evidence, they rarely present a balanced view on a subject. They are a form of art and reflect a filmmaker’s perspective on a subject.
    • This film tells a story about Michigan. a place of variety, beauty, strength and struggle. But we must remember that this film is ultimately just entertainment.
  • While it is important to examine the challenges that exist in the state, which this film does, we must not merely criticize. Rather, we must use the challenges we find to begin a dialogue about how to ensure that Michigan can succeed overall again.

Name: Alex Ozark
Midwest Home: Detroit, MI
New Home: Los Angeles, CA

My parents moved from Michigan to Virginia in 2004 for work, while I stayed for college.

I graduated in 2008, when the economy was just turning down, and people were being let go at the Big 3. I had done 3 co-ops with suppliers in southeast Michigan and none of them offered me a position—very uncommon—due to the current state of the economy.

I’m almost positive that, had I been offered a job by my previous employers or with the Big 3, I would have taken it. But, again due to the market, there was very little available at the time I graduated. I had no choice but to move to VA with my parents.

I was so disgusted with the automotive market that I actually did not want to work in it. I started initially looking in defense in VA and CA. I happened upon my current job, as a Test Engineer at Proving Grounds, on pure luck.

The amount of people from MI in CA is staggering. There is now a place called Coney Dog LA on the Sunset strip that features straight-from-Michigan Coney dogs, Faygo, and Stroh’s.

(Source: midwestmigration)